About us

Luxury Paper Carrier Bags, brand of the Plásticos Dão Group for high quality paper bags, produced to order, according to environmental requirements.

A wide range of branded Luxury Carrier Paper Bags can provide high quality and custom design paper bags, entirely bespoke, with different types of paper, in different weights, finishes, printed with any pantone color, full color from 1000 un, delivery in four weeks, especially to European countries and PALOPS.

Each bag is unique, according to the quality desired by the client adapting to their needs and budget.


Our mission

Exceed the expectations of our customers and partners, producing quality materials with social and environmental responsibility, time and competitive prices.


Our values

Engage to professionalism, quality and excellence, with speedy delivery and the search for the best solutions for the client, with the innovation and technological upgrading, environmental sustainability, with ethics, transparency and consistency with the values principles and commitments